Apple to Move in to Crypto?

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Apple Hiring Business Development Manager with 5+ years experience in Cryptocurrencies

Will Apple move into the Crypto space shortly?


Apple is looking for a Business Development Manager with experience in ‘alternative payments’, including cryptocurrency, according to one of the latest job listings on their site posted on Wednesday.

Apple said candidates should have 5 years or more “working in or with alternative payment providers, such as digital wallets, BNPL [buy now pay later], Fast Payments, cryptocurrency and etc.”

This could be huge for the cryptocurrency market as there has been a lot of speculation that Apple would enter the market. Having Apple Pay directly connected to all your cryptos would be fantastic for usability for crypto enthusiasts and would allow a lot of new non tech savvy investors into the space).

How likely is it that Apple will move into Crypto?

Although Apple has an unquestionable record of innovating and producing landmark products, Apple’s past history indicates that such a move into crypto would seem unlikely as they are keen to have a ‘walled garden’ approach to their software and hardware. We have seen this with iTunes, Safari Browser and so on. Supporting cryptocurrency at the moment seems like a long shot, but maybe further down the line Apple will dip their feet into the crypto world.

Apple has yet to make any public comments about its plans to enter the crypto space so at this stage this is still speculation.

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