Bitcoin drop predicted by an insider on 4Chan? 

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Bitcoin Drop Predicted by an Insider On 4Chan?

A widely shared message on the 4Chan message board has got the crypto community talking recently, the message posted by an anonymous user claiming to be an ‘insider’ says that he is part of a coordinated effort to liquidate “one certain stakeholder.”


(Via 4Chan)

The anonymous insider implied that he worked for a large company within the PRC. The FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) caused by the subsequent press release he implied was part of this effort to scare the market.

Will Bitcoin go to $70K?

The insider also seems to suggest that this is a coordinated effort designed to liquidate a single stakeholder and goes as far as to suggest that the price of Bitcoin will go to $70k following the stakeholder’s liquidation.

The 2nd Follow Up Message: “Going Short Until $25k”

(Via 4Chan)

Another follow up message has also surfaced which says they will “Go Short on BTC, 25k is the current target.”

Final Thoughts

The progress that has been made on the BTC price this year now seems very far away. The $64K highs of only a few weeks ago now seem like a distant memory. Will BTC rise to 70K in the near future? What do you think? Remember to exercise caution with any trades that you make during this period as the market is highly volatile at the moment.

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