How to Buy Pirate Chain

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What is Pirate Chain?

Pirate Chain is a decentralised cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin core, with modifications to add privacy and anonymity features. Pirate Chain differs from other cryptocurrencies in that it allows users to remain anonymous. The key to this is through its use of Mimblewimble which encrypts transactions within blocks. Furthermore, PirateChain does not have any traditional miners and instead uses something called “Bootstraps” which are created by nodes with high online availability time and large amounts of coins in their wallets.

Pirate Chain is the first cryptocurrency to implement a mandatory, private-only usage of zk-SNARK - one of the best and most highly acclaimed privacy protocols in the industry.

Pirate Chain’s default is that all transactions are invisible to the public, making them difficult to track. All of Pirate Chain’s addresses are in its anonymity set, among the largest in the industry. ARRR is secured by dPoW (delayed proof of work), which links the ARRR blockchain to Bitcoin’s blockchain, making it difficult to attack. Created in 2018 with no pre-mine or block reward, Pirate Chain seeks to protect the financial privacy of every user on the planet.

“Pirate Chain uses Military Grade Encryption and delayed proof of work to make it the most secure and anonymous cryptocurrency in the world” - Pirate Chain Website

Where Can I Buy Pirate Chain ARRR?

There is no direct way to buy ARRR with Fiat, but you can use the below services to buy Bitcoin and then convert it using Changelly.

How can I Buy Pirate Chain?

Looking to buy Pirate Chain? This guide will explain step by step how to buy Pirate Chain:

Step 1

Go to one of the following exchanges and buy Bitcoin:

Step 2

Get a wallet for Pirate Chain from the following link:

Step 3

Use **Changelly ** to convert your Bitcoin to Pirate Chain ARRR. (You can do this on their website here, or using the widget below).

We recommend Changelly as they have an excellent rating on Trustpilot and there is no KYC for up to 2 BTC per day.

Buy Pirate Chain

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to Changelly.

Changelly provides a fast and secure way to exchange and purchase 150+ cryptocurrencies.

What is the Best Wallet for Pirate Chain?

Pirate Chain recommend on their website that you use the Full Node Treasure Chest Wallet . This runs on Windows 7 or above, Mac OS High Sierra or above, Linux Ubuntu 18.04 or above, or Linux ARM Ubuntu 18.04 or above. At least 4GB of Ram is recommended to run Treasure Chest.

Download the Full Node Wallet For ARRR

Mac OS Download: Here

Windows Download: Here

Linux Download: Here

Linux ARM Download: Here

Pirate Chain “Skull Island” Mobile Wallet

Yes that is right, Pirate Chain also has a mobile Wallet called “Skull Island”. It is currently running in BETA on Android and an iOS version will be coming soon we are promised…

You can download the Android version from the Google Play store here.

(Please do not attempt to run the mobile wallet on Android phone with less than 3GB of RAM)

Pirate Chain Mobile Wallet Video

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