What is Enzyme?

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Enzyme Finance was formerly known as Melon Protocol. Enzyme (MLN), wants to make it easier for anyone with a computer and internet access the ability to invest in stocks, bonds, ETFs - all from home. This will lower the financial barriers of entry into traditional asset management by utilizing MLN cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency or other available payment methods that can sometimes be difficult due to strict regulations imposed on countries around the world.

Enzyme has started an ICO which will go towards making their vision reality: allowing people worldwide without professional advisors such as accountants and lawyers manage investments at any time from anywhere using only a web browser like Chrome through Enzymes platform called PICE (Platform for Investment Chain Environment).

It’s not just the high cost of management fees and minimum investments that make it unattainable to average consumers, but also their inability to create asset-management funds which requires substantial capital. In addition to this, there is a hefty waiting period before you can even go about filing documents for one as well.

Enzyme is a new project that is an alternative way of investing in the market. By using Enzyme’s website, users can make investments in portfolios and funds launched by other investors, or even launch their own creations! The cryptocurrency MLN will be used on this platform as it executes various operations throughout these investments.

The Melon Council is now operated using a system of smart contracts that enable MLN users to invite new members, upgrade the protocol and change its parameters. This council will ensure the integrity of the network while also maximizing adoption in order for it be fostered innovation among all who use them!

The Spokes is an autonomous platform that provides new and innovative ways for the average person to invest in cryptocurrency. They do this by providing a number of different options such as smart contracts, plus they provide some other interesting features like Shares - tracking ownership among funds!

The Spokes’s goal is to empower everyday people with crypto assets so you can have more control over your money.

Users trade their favorite cryptocurrency to mine MLN tokens, which have a range of uses including executing fund operations and participating in voting for the protocol’s software policies. Fund operations might include transaction costs or performance fees while users can vote on everything from inflation rates to operating systems.

Enzyme.finance https://enzyme.finance/

Source code https://github.com/enzymefinance

Whitepaper https://docs.enzyme.finance/

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